Above machine help to make dust free halls and rooms. In order to protect different kinds of Systems from dust, clients can avail our highly effective and prompt Portable Dust Collecting System, that is also known as complete dust collecting system. It consists of mechanical shaker or pulse jet automatic cleaning, that doesn’t allow any material to pass through the blower. It also control any kind of dust creating points

Technical Specification :

Height 46″
Width 20″
Length 42″
Pressure 230 mm Bar
Vacuum 210 mm Bar
Capacity 600 mm Bar
CFM 355
Mache Construction MS Material and Power Cutting Process
Blower 2850 R.P.M (Total Aluminum Body)
Bower Required 7.5 Amp
Load 3.7 KW (Filter Bag.As per dust material required)
In Let 75 mm Rubber Pipe
Out Let 75 mm Rubber Pipe
Blower Required 440 V, 3 Phase
Weight Approx 250 Kg.

Application : Pharma, Ayurvedic, Pesticides, Paper Industries, Plastic Industries, Veterinary Industries.